Seaport-e Quality Assurance Plan

To raise and maintain the level of service to our clients, Prometheus relies on a clear definition of duties, standardization and process control, management emphasis on quality and client satisfaction and professional development. Our corporate programs and policies, from staff structure to incentive awards, are geared to motivate our employees to provide the best in client service. The Prometheus management process ensures each assigned task is performed on time and within budget in accordance with appropriate standards and guidelines. The PM ensures that all participants, including subcontractors, are part of the quality solution. Working with Prometheus management, the PM: (1) identifies ways and means to improve quality, (2) implements changes, (3) measures effectiveness, (4) analyses results in terms of desired improvement, and (5) plans for continuous improvement.

Prometheus monitors quality through client dialogue, established and effective corporate procedures, and intensive product technical review. The quality and timeliness of client support is our top priority. The PM reviews all progress reports and contract performance with Prometheus’s CEO and the client.

Quality management steps include: clear definition of client requirements and expectations, development of proper technical approach, frequent review throughout the product development, in-process review with client input, internal inspection before delivery and product acceptance with client satisfaction feedback at task completion. Each step of the product preparation, review, and delivery cycle is geared toward early identification and correction to ensue product quality.