Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

Prometheus supports every phase and facet of FMS, employing the Total Package Approach and detailed support for case management, administration and closure, including:
  Financial analysis and monitoring
  Case development, management/reconciliation, and closure
  International agreements via Defense Security Assistance Management Systems (DSAMS)
  Payment scheduling
  Tracking commitments, obligations, and expenditures through final billing via the Management Information Systems for International Logistics (MISIL), Defense Integrated Financial Systems (DIFS), Information Warehouse, and other command records
  Case Reconciliation Reviews (CRRs), Financial Management Reviews (FMRs) and Program Management Reviews (PMRs)
  Analysis and reconciliation of un-liquidated commitments, obligations and expenditures via MISIL, ERP/SIGMA, and the Case Tracking Systems
  Case status reports, required certifications, closure status, closure impediments, and corrective actions.