Enterprise Solutions

Prometheus provides a robust suite of enterprise solution services to meet continually evolving requirements for cost savings, quality improvement, and process efficiency, as well as to plan for organizational growth across business areas. Our expert consultants apply proven management analysis principles, methods and tool sets to deliver superior decision support services and produce meaningful operational gains.  Our Enterprise Solutions set includes:

  Strategic Planning
    - Organizational assessment
    - Process analysis and streamlining
    - Knowledge and data management
    - Systems analysis
    - Implementation support and training


  Business Process Improvement (BPI)
    Prometheus has established itself as a first-tier provider of professional services through demonstrated innovation in Business Process Improvement (BPI). Continuous improvement is achieved through the diligent application of our proprietary model “PROMEThod™ .”
    PROMEThod™ is a knowledge-driven, systematic approach to efficiency gains, and integrates business-tested improvements across functional boundaries while incorporating strategy, value, change management, and information services.
    The benefits of PROMEThod™ are manifested as significant efficiency gains and cost savings, and the tenets are echoed in the Navy’s application of AirSpeed.
    The PROMEThod™  approach encompasses:
    - IDEF(0) Process Modeling
    - Activity Based Costing and Management
    - Timeline Analysis
    - Quality Functionality Deployment
    - Benchmarking
    - Process simulation
    - Process flow
    This structured approach identifies value-added initiatives, evaluates improvements for greatest potential, garners support and consensus among stakeholders, plans for change, and successfully implements those changes.


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