The Prometheus Company is a professional services firm specializing in management consulting, program management, acquisition management, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) support, and financial management within the Department of Defense and commercial industry serving the Department of Defense.

Recruiting, retention, and professional development of the professional and administrative staff to deliver the high quality services demanded by our customers is our highest management priority.

Prometheus’s compensation plan includes highly-competitive salaries, and a comprehensive benefits package. Our professional development plan includes degree programs, specialized training, and rotational assignments to increase skills across functions.

The organizational structure of Prometheus is designed to provide a responsiveness to the demands of each project. Our “flat” organization reduces bureaucracy and encourages creativity and innovation.  Technical staff are classified into five levels: project director, senior level staff, mid-level staff, junior-level staff, and entry-level staff. Titles are correlated to career fields as well as staff level. This structure provides achievable career progression while minimizing management layers within the firm. In this environment, each employee is accountable and empowered to perform.