Aquisition Management

Prometheus consultants are thoroughly indoctrinated in the DoD 5000 series which direct defense acquisition processes and provides DoD program offices with engineering and technical support in virtually all areas of program planning and execution. Through the application of sophisticated analysis methods and development of unique analytical models and information systems, Prometheus has systematically increased the effectiveness of our customer’s
planning, scheduling, and execution of multi-billion-dollar development and acquisition programs. Our customers include some of the Navy’s highest-priority programs, including the F/A-18 Hornet, Harpoon/SLAM cruise missile, and Precision Strike Weapons Systems.

Our support efforts span from Milestone A, through concept refinement, to operations, and support, to closeout. Prometheus expertise includes the application of Lean/Six-Sigma principles to all phases of major defense programs. Additionally, Prometheus personnel have specialized experience in decision analysis, risk assessment and risk avoidance methods, and the development and use of decision support technology tools.

Services include:

  Development of acquisition strategy
  Technical input for operational requirements
  Decision option and coordination papers
  Integrated master program schedules
  Program milestone documentation
  Statements of Work/Statements of Objectives
  Justification and Approvals
  Contract requirements
  Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs)
  Performance Based Contracting
  Requirements analyses
  Costs analyses
  Functional analyses
  Configuration management