Welcome to Prometheus

Prometheus was the oldest and wisest of the Titans. His name is derived from the Greek word meaning “forethought.” It was Prometheus who brought the gift of fire to man – fire which sparked the rise of civilization. The Prometheus Company applies that legacy of vision, grounded in knowledge and experience, to forge customized, innovative solutions to answer the mission-critical needs of our customers.

Prometheus is a professional services firm providing independent analysis, management support, and advisory services to decision makers in government and industry. From concepts and policy, through force structure and strategy, to resources and tactics, Prometheus leverages over 20 years in the business of Defense Systems Acquisition, combined with industry best practices and innovations, to provide superior decision-making tools to move programs forward amid changing requirements and ever-increasing resource constraints.

Our value is best expressed in the Prometheus motto: Solutions, Not Just Answers!

Program Management

From acquisition and logistics, through financial management and FMS, Prometheus has the solution.


Enterprise Solutions

Strategic planning and Business Process Improvement solutions to meet your enterprise needs.


Commercial Services

Our B2B division stands ready to help your company meet the demands of doing business with DoD.